“A true friend knows your weaknesses, but shows your strengths.”


We are determined to build a network of creative and inspiring minds. Maybe you can help us by recommending your best friend, a colleague or just someone, who you know and you think could be a good fit for some of our roles.

If it really turns out they are the best fit for any role, we will thank you with a motivating bonus.


How the process looks like:

  1. Have a look at our open positions here.
  2. Think of someone you know, who could fit any of these roles.
  3. Let us know! Get in touch with any of our service delivery professionals or send us an e-mail at jobs@iteam.bg
  4. We will contact the promising specialist, discuss the opportunities and the readiness of the person to move to a new challenge.
  5. If your friend is hired at ITEAM, you will receive a bonus of 1000 BGN! 50% of the amount will be paid after the person you referred starts working at the new role and 50% you will receive after they complete successfully their third month at the position.


Already thought of someone? Let us know!