ITEAM is a Professional Services provider with clear focus expertise on today’s cutting edge IT technologies. We have the knowledge, capacity and the energy to provide the right IT professionals and their service to worldwide leading enterprises. We do not promise highest standard of business moral, it is within our genes.   

Professional services

Modern Enterprises already integrated the Professional Services as indivisible part of their business model. It is a strong reducing the business risk instrument, which leaves the hard job to a trusted partner.  ITEAM has the expertise and the corporate culture to be this trusted long-term partner, providing Professional Services. We can quickly reinforce your existing or new projects. 

Our expertise

• Software Development (Java, J2EE, JavaScript, C / C++, C#, .NET, PHP etc.)
• Embedded Software Development
• System/ Solution Analysis/ Design/ Deployment/ Administration
• Network Analysis/ Design/ Deployment/ Administration
• Automated Testing Services
• Project/ Program Management
• Database Analysis/ Design/ Deployment/ Administration



• Access to local and international high quality resources
• Our team has profound IT knowledge and expertise
• We take the full administrative and payroll care for our consultants
• Option to hire/ transfer
• Save time and money by focusing your internal HR team on your core business

The main objective of our service is to make sure we are adding value to your business. We understand the importance of a truly partnership oriented relation and we are naturally going to aim it since day one of our cooperation.

Our standard Service process includes deep dive into your project by acknowledging all the details like technologies involved, expertise and skill set expected from the consultants, experience levels, project timing etc. Final goal is to understand your objectives so that we can join your efforts to fulfill them successfully.

Kalin Grupchev

Kalin Grupchev

General Manager & Co-Founder

Bistra Dishovska

Bistra Dishovska

HR Operations Manager

Denitsa Nedyalkova

Denitsa Nedyalkova

Recruitment Manager & Business Partner

Full time
Bulgaria, Home office, Remote
Posted 1 month ago
Full time
Bulgaria, Home office, Remote
Posted 1 month ago
Full time
Bulgaria, Home office, Remote
Posted 1 month ago

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Recruitment process

Every IT professional could be a valuable asset to a certain project. It is our duty to link the brilliant minds of the IT professionals with some of the leading technology corporations providing the arena for this knowledge.    

Most of the time we prefer to do our job proactively and either find the best matching candidate within our current consultants, within our database or source him/her from the market.

In case we somehow missed that candidate and you are him/her applied yourself to some of our open positions publications, we will carefully and discretely analyze your CV. If your experience and educational qualifications match the requirements, we are going to call you.

The recruitment process consists of four steps:

– Phone call interview – during this important call we are going to ask you questions, verifying many general details like ability to relocate if needed, motivation to work on a certain project, availability, compensation expectations etc.

– If the phone call outcome is positive, you will be invited for a face to face interview in our office, where we would further discuss and assess your technical knowledge (if required by our partner), foreign language knowledge etc. Most importantly we will have the opportunity to get to know each other in person. 

– Next step is an interview at our partner, which might consist of two parts:

o interview with the HR department

o technical interview with the hiring manager (s)

– In case we have acceptance of the candidate from our partner and candidate’s acceptance, all the conditions are discussed and agreed, we are starting the on-boarding process.

Please mind that during the whole process we are your best friend, who will guide you with a very professional but friendly manner. At the end of the day, we, our partner and you, we all aim the same thing, you to be approved for the project.


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